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Your choice of professional care is one of the most important decisions you can make.

We believe our quality is a measure of excellence.

It is a result of experience, careful preparation, skilful application and a commitment to a high professional standard.

Your teeth are something that you want to last; this is why it is important to look after your teeth by achieving and maintaining optimal oral health.

The team at Burwood Dental Centre provide many dental procedures to ensure you and your family are able to enjoy healthy teeth and overall well-being.

The quality of care we provide at the Burwood Dental Centre is an investment in your health.

Our Services include:

We also offer:

Referral for specialist services
Same day emergency treatment

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Dr Eli Gold has written a book ‘HOW TO PUT YOUR DENTIST OUT OF BUSINESS’, providing quick & easy tips & invaluable information for pregnant women, babies, children, teenagers, adults & seniors.