The Greatest Oral Challenge of Our Lifetime

One in three Australians visit their dentist for a check-up once a year or more and 43% of parents acknowledge that they delay taking their children to the dentist, according to a recent survey1.

With these low visit rates and the decaying state of Australian’s dental health, Sydney Dentist, Dr Eli Gold has written a book ‘HOW TO PUT YOUR DENTIST OUT OF BUSINESS’, providing quick and easy tips and invaluable information for pregnant woman, babies, children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Dr Gold’s book also covers a range of topics; including women’s oral health, the link between oral health and other health problems including heart disease and addresses numerous misconceptions and unfounded fears.

With chapters like What you don’t know WILL hurt you, Teenagers: Looking after your teeth is part of looking cool - Dental hygiene is more important than the latest hair product, Which toothbrush is right for me? How to make brushing fun and You’re never too long in the tooth to look after your teeth, this book will change habits you’ve had for years and set you on the right track.

“As many as 64% of Australians are putting off dental check-ups because of the cost and in low income households, this rises to 79%1. What is frightening is that Australians are more likely to cut back on dental visits than trips to the hairdresser, buying cosmetics, new shoes, alcohol or cigarettes,” says Dr. Gold.

“I understand the dentist is often very low on the priority list and cost is a real fear. My book aims to give people the knowledge and skills to enable them to care for their teeth so their trips to the dentist are more for routine check-ups than costly procedures. The cost of dentistry is directly proportional to how bad your teeth are!

“Having practiced dentistry for nearly 40 years, I still find that people have no idea what is going on in their mouths.

“43% of people believe that brushing is more important than flossing, 28% are not sure and only one in four Australians use dental floss daily1. The truth is we all need to floss every day, as only flossing cleans between the teeth.

“Additionally almost a quarter of Aussies surveyed believe that some bleeding when brushing is normal. The reality is that bleeding is a sign of inflammation and just the beginning of gum disease. Healthy gums are pink, not red and should not bleed when either brushed or flossed.

“Australians of all ages are experiencing a significant increase in tooth erosion as we replace water and milk with juice and soft drinks. A recent study, examining 714 students aged six to 15 years from eight schools in Australia, found 68% of students had at least one tooth that exhibited signs of erosion2. Children and teenagers’ teeth are more susceptible to decay with today’s modern diet.

“If you read this book and follow the advice, by the year 2020, no Australian child should be living with a cavity,” Dr Gold says.

About Dr Eli Gold

Dr Eli Gold spent his formative years on Bondi Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. He studied dentistry and graduated from Sydney University in 1971 and then spent four years working as a dentist in London.

Believing dentists can only do so much, and that patients need to understand and take responsibility for their well being, he has always advocated prevention rather than cure.

Having spent the last thirty-five years practising dentistry in the western suburb of Burwood, he believes practice makes perfect

‘HOW TO PUT YOUR DENTIST OUT OF BUSINESS’ can be purchased by phone 02-97474322 or email


[1] Oral B survey conducted online by Galaxy Research among 1010 Australians in February 2010.

2 Kazoullis S, Seow WK, Holcombe T, Newman B, Ford D. Common dental conditions associated with dental erosion in

schoolchildren in Australia. Pediatr Dent 2007;29:33–39

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Dr Eli Gold has written a book ‘HOW TO PUT YOUR DENTIST OUT OF BUSINESS’, providing quick & easy tips & invaluable information for pregnant women, babies, children, teenagers, adults & seniors.